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Track:Pull out Ya Gutz
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:i've been lookin' directly in your eyes and you peep
that i'm the fuckin' nightmare catch you in
your fuckin' sleepis it deep or what fuck i'm jumpin' over obstaclesbelieve that you'll be dead
before you reach the hospital
i burn like the sunshine your ass is mine
if words would kill
you be dead by my first line
if i shine you shine for the 99
illmat!c and zac final
frontiers on the frontline
my word is bond like james all mcs are history
mcs must be
hypnotized if they fuck with me
you see the tragedy enemies act like ponies
call themself
master of ceremonies but they're fuckin' phonies
i got your back brother and i'm ready for the
i beat any mc with the power of my tonguemuscle
fuck the nonsense all around and
illmat!c is back and please you with a new release

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