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Artist:Ill Al Skratch
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Track:Ill Take Her
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:featuring Brian McKnight

"Looked her up and down, said hmm I'll take her"
--> Parrish
Smith {*1}

[BM] Hoooooooo-ooh! {*1}
[BM] I'll take her.. {*1}
[BM] Hoooooooo-ooh!
[BM] I'll take her..
[BM] Oooooooh-ooooh-oohh, ohhh yeahhhh {*1}

Verse One:
Al Skratch

Yeah, it's Al Skratch, that real smooth brother
The undercover lover makin
moves on your mother
If I have to, it's only natural, that I rap to
any girl walkin through
my hood if she's lookin good
And if she's somethin fine, I'll be humpin hind
Let's get it
on, ain't nuthin wrong, with a little Bump N Grind
(Bump N Grind) Now that's what my man
Sometimes I lay in my bed, and I dream of bein hand-fed
I made the jam, with my man,
about the _Homiez_
But now I must remember all about my tenderonis
You're lonely by your
homey baby I know how you're feelin
You in the mood for some Sexual Healing (sexual
Walk in to the jump I spot you as the music's blarin
Starin, but not - carin,
about, what you - wearin
You're full grown with a mind of your own
I make you moan as my
bone turn brick like stone
Whether you're single we can mingle as you jingle
Swing low, with
the black Mandingo
I be the dough money-maker rump-shaker
To the bedroom I said "hmm I'll
take her"

[BM] If you don't want her don't waste her time {*1}
[BM] Said if you don't
want her don't waste her time {*1}
Don't waste her time, don't waste no time
[BM] Said if
you don't want her don't waste her time {*1}
[BM] Said if you don't want her don't waste her
I'll take her, I'll take her

Verse Two: Big Ill

Yeah, well it's Big Ill,
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