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Track:American English
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Songs when they're truth
are undedicated to you
in this invisible world I choose to live
and if you believe that,
for now I understand
why words mean so much to you

they'll never be about you
may be your young without youth
or maybe your old
without knowing anything's true
I think your young without youth.


Then you contract the american dream
you'll never look up once.
and you've contracted
american dreams
I require you to stop and look up.

sing a song about
keep singing a song about myself
not some invisible world.

searching to find something new
but what will you find when you think that nothings true?

maybe it's that nothing is new.
so let me hear songs that were written all about you

good songs that were written for you
they'll never be about you.


and i wont tell you what this means'cos you already know.(X2)

(chorus) (X3)

you'll find what you'll find when you find there's nothing(X2)
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