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Track:Tell Me Why
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:1 Oh why
I just wanted to lay down and die
You don't know the pain that I feel
Could this be a dream or is it real tonight
Tell me why oh why

It hurts inside for real a lie
Can you tell me what went wrong with our love

We laughed we cried
Through battles we survived
Our love was sure as the
stars above
Oh tell me why

Repeat 1

You said we'd be
together forever
They say true love never dies
You said that I was all you needed

Why did we have to say goodbye
The situation is killing me
But you had to
step out on me
With another man, I don't understand
I saw you holding his hand

Repeat 1

I remember the first time that I laid eyes on you

You were the only one for me, I thought I knew
Now my heart is filled with pain
our love was in vain
Tell me why, oh why, please tell me why

Repeat 1

2 - I need to know, please tell me
Why did you have to leave me
need your love, please tell me
Baby tell me

Repeat 2 while:
I need
to know right now
Won't you tell me
Can I testify right now

Girl I
used to do the things you wanted me to do
I cooked your breakfast, I rubbed your back

But you had to step out on me

And with another man
Why did you do
this to me
Please tell me, please tell me

I deserve better than this

Won't you tell me
What did I do wrong
Oh, tell me why why why
I get lonely
without you baby
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