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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Committee style baby
Uh Huh, for all the freaks
Yeah that's right

(Chorus) (x2)
[Luc Duc]
You don't love me you love my doggy style
I'm known to keep it wild like the Ok Carol
And what you 'lax with just ain't my style

50 feet ain't enough I need at least a mile

[Verse 1]
I only roll in the
fattest whips, got mega chips
Hanging out with some of the baddest bitches, with mega hips

Sexy lips with the Hazel eyes, got to have plenty thighs
Rolling Acura's with
All my niggas ride,
With the heaters on the front seat, only one deep

On the semi with a bad freak, always on the creep
Chickens ride mother plucking but
that ain't nothing
And she down for the sucking fucking hit it on the button
And it's
something like some more clucking from my bucking
The KFC when it comes to busting
stay on crushing
But they got to holla for that dollar
So when I holla out the window
of my friends Impala
You know I got her
When she go to looking at her friends

And turn around and started giving me that half a grin
It's foggy and my homie sipping on
some yen
Run some came and my name then I know I'm in
Oh that's your cousin

Even better when I'm drinking yen
On the average player scale she about a 10
And her
cousin too cause she got some beautiful skin
We picked em up, knock em up
Kicked em
out and did it all again

(Chorus) (x2)

[Verse 2]
be having more game then a little bit
So little dick niggas acting like they big shit

Y'all need to quit, my style be flowing like it's liquid
Them ghetto girls be dropping them
Them girls y'all can't get wit
I hit it from the back and known to leave an
My little sister even known for spitting that pimp shit
My little brother he
the brain we call him gifted
Some women hate me so they put me on they shit list

Because I'm known for breaking them off with a stiff dick
And breaking out before they even
know I had a trip
Goddamn baby you got some beautiful lips
Sometimes I'm wondering if
a nigga picked a fit
I fuck them to the point that they screaming that they got to piss

A freaky nigga but you can keep a chain and whip
And every time I bust I'm 'bout to
sink your battleship
I hit and run, sorry hun, but I got to dip
I told your sister
that I'd hit her right around six
And if I'm late then you know that bitch gonna wanna trip

You in love with a thug baby get a grip
I bust a nut and if you lucky I might leave a
You know why

(Chorus) (x2)

Straight cheese boy

Volume 1
Screw Face putting it down
The Mia

don't love me you love my doggy style

Representing the Dirty South

All Day Baby
Dayd County
Straight up Knowwhatimsayin'

You don't
love me you love my doggy style

Going out to all the strip clubs
All them fine
ass hoes
Shaking that ass for them dollars baby
Go head do your thing (Said don't be

You don't love me you love my doggy style

right check this out
You came here to do a skit right? (Um Hmm)
What I want you to do
before we do the skit (Hmm)
Aight I want you to get on your knees
I'm pull my dick out

And you gonna put your mouth on it
Can you do that for me?
Before we do the
Ya see ya came in
Ya know fucking tittys everywhere

The Hell!
You know what
I'm walking away I'm sorry

I can't do this

It's a fucking skit

I'm not
doing it
It's a (fucking skit) fucking skit
So what the fuck I got to suck your dick
You paying me

Because it doesn't matter
It doesn't (Huh)
I'm not paying you shit


Listen shut the fuck up
And suck my goddamn dick
Before we
do the skit

*Sucking Sounds*


Yeah bitch
Fuck you mean you ain't sucking no dick
Hoe you ain't know I'm down with
the Iconz bitch
(Um Take)
Suck that shit
Suck the other part
Um, that

[Guy in background]
You ready get up out here or what
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