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Artist:Ice Station Zero
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Track:1000 Excuses
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Man, my car broke down, I couldn't get to a phone
By the time I got home, I had to take out the
and walk the dog, then a client of mine called
Before I knew it, it was like
You know, my body's been acting kind of wierd so I needed some rest.

Your shit
won't stink 'til you rub your nose in it
Man, you'll never believe what happened to me
I had to get my brother from the airport
On the way home, I had to pick up my niece
from daycare
and I guess when I was driving or something
I didn't see the nail
By the
time the tow truck came, the last thing I wanted
to do was work

I got 1000 excuses why
I can't get anything done on time
And I'll make you feel sorry for me
by whining about my

Man, I know things have kind of sounded wishy-washy
from the get go. When got
1000 things going on
it's kind of har to keep your head screwed on tight,
if you know what I
Oh, by the way, I do have other clients
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