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Artist:Ice Station Zero
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Album:For President
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:We don't see eye to eye anymore
And often I'm wondering what we're fighting for
I haven't changed, I'm not the same
I still look to you, to guide me through
thick and thin, I'll rebegin
It's nothing I haven't felt before

Could you
Life on this screen, it's not as it seems

We're on two such
different plains
And every conversation always ends the same
I may not be what you
want me to be
The future will always be a mystery
Just let it go, be on your way

I'll fill the shoes you're wearing today
You can't say what you want to
it will come back to haunt you
You've come so close to me
But now you're not the same
to me

How could this be
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