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Artist:Ice Station Zero
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Album:For President
Track:The Game
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Who do you know - knowing who to trust
Walking the walk - putting up with the fuss

Seeing through lies - learning the game
Connecting the people - to carry the name

Constantly waiting - never know what to expect
Avoid allowing - your ride to wreck

It's all a game anyway you say it
It's all a game anyway you play it
It's all a

It's how to convince - control an audience
What's cool - and what they
should do
'Cause it's a simple language - for those simple minds
Repetition is crucial
- and universal appeal
It's reaching a wide - vast amount of people
Learning what
works - having tricks are a plus

Too much soul to please
Determined like a
disease, as we seize
The license to achieve, that's where we are climbing,
nickel & diming, just trying, soon we'll be flying
to a beat....
of a different song.
ICE STATION ZERO'S what's going on.
Questions, we got all the answers,
get in your
veins like a cancer. Run with this,
but feeling overwhelmed, well, court's dismissed.

It's all a game

This game is brutal - the reward is sweet
Always watch your
back - so they don't chop off your feet
Have your inner circle - woven be strong

'Cause one moment you're a hit - the next you're gone
Would you care to play - you know the
Checkmates on your pawn - out the door with the fools
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