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Artist:Ice Station Zero
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Album:For President
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Half hung-over from the night before,
My sisters passed out - outside my door
My niece
got her hash from the boy down the street,
who's inbred too. He has webbed feet

Dinner time is our happy time
it's when we all get together and just un-wind
mom, on top my dad, on top my bro, on top my niece
It's all just one big inbred feast...

Cuz I'm an inbred mother fucker...

I wasn't always like this, I really
think so
'til uncle john corrupted me
and taught me to blow
I was never allowed

to spend the night away from my sister
If you can't beat 'em,
then join 'em

so I decided to kiss her
Her hand on top my leg, on top her chest, on top my thigh

Blood is blood,
even if it is your sister's cherry pie

Life's been
different since I've gone inbred
My brother and my sister now sleep in the same bed
all run around...naked...hanging free
Grandpa even lent me a pair of his false teeth

So don't run from this idea,
it might suit you
If you really love your family

You'll be inbred too
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