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Artist:Ice Cube Featuring Mr Short Khop
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Album:Non Album Tracks
Track:Pushin Weight
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Pushin' Weight
Ice Cube f/ Mr. Short KHOP
Album: War

[Ice Cube]

Yeah, yeah
Blaze one for the nation

Verse 1: Ice Cube
I got lyrics that wake up spirits
They told me how to make big hits
and spend digits
Can you dig it?
You fed, you dead, see red
My lead, yo head, I
Like you shit
I got rhymes push that shit like weight
My nigga Lincoln help
me navigate
Thru this hate retaliate, it's official
I got that bomb, bomb, diddy,
diddy, diddy, bomb, bomb
When I hit you
Push the issue
My ghetto dope is amazin

The bitch that's with you already know that I'm blazin
That's by the number, we can
slumber, on the under
Girl no wonder, you got a ass full of thunder
The frozen Tundra
ain't cold enough
And baby ain't old enough
For this game I'm rollin up
it feels good to be the don
Straight legit, while niggas like Gotti just sit

Chorus: Ice Cube
A yeah yeah
I push rhymes like weight
I push rhymes like

Verse 2: Ice Cube
I hold zone like a Corleone
more fuckin with that homegrown
Hit the shit we on
The rolleo's and the baggetts

You still fuckin with them faggets
We turn haters into maggets
Oak on the dash,
but no coke on the hash
You broke ass niggas learn to mash, like me
Constantly, put
the hustle down
With four or five niggas that's musclebound
Send your head to the
Won't be satisfied, till I get my face on a thermos
You got to earn this,
you can't take it
Can't fake it, got to live it, or we gots to visit
Who is it, the
exquisite, Don Mega
Walkin with my entourage, I think I'm betta, makin chedda
You see
me sag in my Jag, with the rag recognize the flag
You betta get back, everybody wanna do it
like me
I got it made, been makin rap money since the tenth grade

(since the tenth grade)
(What you need)


Verse 3: Mr. Short Khop
I keeps a firm grip on my shit when in transit

Uncandid, it's the young bandit
Fresh out the trenches, the wood works
City of the
?Tempeon?, where the hoods lurk
In search of the rich blocks, to lick spots, and kick rocks

From shattered glass, down the pig locks
Want tips by the clock
You niggas
scramblin for fouyan
And settle for crumbs and croutans
I'm out for armored bucks and
armored trucks, with armed killas
Bitch niggas get swallowed by the armadillos
no harmin me, the army full honary niggas you can't see
So while you pace bitches and saturns
livin jenky
I hangs with niggas who got patterns on they hankey
After Ben Frankeys,
with the big skullen eyes
You niggas bound and nullified
Sit back and mine stack it

Chorus: Ice Cube and Mr. Short Khop
[IC]A yeah yeah
push rhymes like weight
[MSK]I push rhymes like weight
[IC]A yeah yeah

[IC]I push rhymes like weight
[IC]I push rhymes like weight

[Ice Cube] (starts during chorus)
Ask about me
Worldwide baby
Worldwide baby (A
yeah yeah)
Ice Cube makin more money in the rap game
Than some of you can (A yeah
yeah) with a bird in your hand
Puttin it down
We wanted in fifty states for this
(A yeah yeah)
Pushin rhymes like weight
Pushin rhymes like weight

(A yeah yeah)
Yeah, blaze one for the nation
(A yeah yeah)
You know my name

You know my name
(A yeah yeah)
You know my name

[Mr. Short Khop]

Yeah, some of you fools just got in it
and think you gonna change the game
ain't changin nothin

[Ice Cube]
I been doin this, I been doin this
about me
Ask about me
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