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Artist:Ice Ages
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Track:This Killing Emptiness
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Come back you silent hour
so we could die again
by night that washed away the pain

that comes here to remain

By blood red dawn we'll leave
this killing emptiness

And ever to bring death and grief to me
to wander with our grief

A scent of
blood, remember now!
A sence we had to kill
To never meet on the black hill
Just stay
away and thrill

A void in blackness will remain
To keep a secret dream
bother the enchanted flame
Just drawn in pain; again

I long to burn I long to mourn

Forever we'll remain
To die again, with sweetest pain
To stay away by

... by grey long shadows on a grave
To watch the mortal dy
To be eternal
silent slaves Of death
- to meet again... To die in vain...
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