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Artist:Ian Hunter
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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(ian huntermark clarkehilly michaels)

I got a shower curtain stickin' to my back
the o'd' cologne sure packs a whack
I got blood on my razor - my face is in shock
'n' my
hair hangin' down like a rastaman's locks

I think i'm ready - i'm gettin' ready
ready teddy - we're all gonna have fun

I gotta rock 'n' roll - rocket says "you gotta go
'n' the radio's blarin' out a blast from the past
Lucille's in the back screamin'
"gimme a break"
Your momma didn't tell you - that's the chance you take

It's oh so
When this love is all that we have

To swallow a lifetime away
With so
many hours in each day

But calm your foolish heart
Our girlfriend's can't keep us
I'm with you every step of the way
Baby - what more can i say

The only
problem is
I wanna party - get down - boogie - have a great time
Well its 36.50 for a room
with a view
O' the empire state 'n' the pizza place, too

Lucille's got my body in a
total eclipse
She's all lips 'n' hips - you know - one o' those trips
We're gettin' ready -
she's gettin' ready
Gettin' ready teddy - we're all gonna have fun
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