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Artist:Ian Hunter
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Track:All American Alien Boy
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I packed my bags - in the land of rags
'Cos I don't believe in them dimmo drags
Don't wanna
vote for the left wing - don't wanna vote for the right
I gotta have both-to make me

Just a whitey from Blighty - heading out west
Got my little green card 'n my
bulletproof vest
Goin' to old tube city - where the buzz is the best
On down the line (down
the line) down the line (down the line)

Well I was born (on the line) 'n I was raised (on
the line)
I was schooled (on the line) 'n I was fazed (on the line)
'N I was used (on the
line) 'n I was dazed (on the line)
Just had to split (off the line) 'cos I was crazed (off the

'N I remember all the good times - me 'n Miller enjoyed
Up and down the M1 in
some luminous yo-yo toy
But the future has to change - and to change I've got to destroy
look out Lennon here I come - land ahoy-hoy-hoy

All American Alien Boy All American Alien

Don't look down put your feet on the ground don't drown in the big aquarium
walk slow - put on a big show - shove your meat down vegetarians
Don't get slugged, get mugged,
get bugged, or they'll sling you in the jug
Shove you under some rug, give you some drug - pull
out the plug and then...

And they're telling me this hamburger's cheaper than the
'N this television's cheaper than the other
And they're selling me hotdogs cheaper
than the other
'N these pizzas cheaper than the other
And I don't understand all this - I'm
just an All American Alien Boy

'N they're telling me rifles are shot in
They're telling me pistols are shot in Westchester
You can get a Saturday Night
Special on Flatbush, on t
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