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Track:Liquid Sunlight
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:fire shines through my liquid sunlight
thoughts of those I love hurt my head
and with
another gulp I'll wash them
down to stop them spinning me around

I smell the scent of
your bitterness so sweet
caress your body, caressing my need
the colours of gold that you
show me
bleed into seas I never see when you leave me in

liquid sunlight...

timeless I walk on a tight rope
timeless I'd fall timeless I hope
senseless my
wonders and liquid is my dope
but sense is no wonder so sunlights my hope

so shine on
with me you crazy diamond
you cover what's real cause you are my friend
we'll stagger
outside, are we on a, are we on a flight?
my liquid sunlight shining inside


don't ask me why I'm flying so high man
don't ask me why I'm living a lie

ask me where and why am I laying
under the sun as the night is aside

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