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Track:Do What You Wanna Do
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I-I know it's time to realize,
I-I know the love you felt for me has died,
I-I try to cope
with the pain inside
but I just realize that I cannot hide the feelings that I have inside...

Can you hear me?

I-I know it's hard to understand,
but girl you gotta know,

you made me be a different man,
I-I don't want you to feel no guilt inside,
I just
want to stay friend but I feel the fear girl that I never can

You gotta do
what you wanna do,[hear me]
still remember what I feel for you,[hear me]
you gotta do what
you wanna do,[hear me]
still remember that I care for you,[hear me]

I don't want to
see our friendship die,
I know we need to seperate ways,
but I don't know why
I hope
someday we both will see,
that girl our friendship was created for eternity

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