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Track:Try Me One More Time
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I took away your reality
I took away all your memories
I gave up all the bliss that was
made for you

And now I'm sad cause I missed the time
And now I'm sad cause my words
were dying
Now that I'm grown and alone
I see my own silent crime

Tonight I
drown in pain and beg you please
Just try me one more time

Try me one
more time

It takes a mile or a miracle
It takes some tears just for me to tell

It takes a year and fear
To open up my soul for you

With you I'm blessed and you
are divine
You turned my life from water to wine
You wame my sleep, are my sun to me

That I need to shine

So I regret, will nnot forget what I did
So try me one more


Can't tell you why I could do it
Can't tell you why I should
face it
Can't tell you why I could lose it
Can't tell you why you should try it
Why -
why - why - just can't tell you why
But please, but please, but please, but please...

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