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Artist:Hank Locklin
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Track:Geisha Girl
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Geisha Girl

Have you ever heard a love song that you didn’t
Where you met her in a teahouse on the island of Japan
And have you ever traveled
over many thousand miles
To see a pretty geisha girl dressed in oriental


They read it in the tealeaves and it’s written in the
I found love by the heart full in a foreign distant land
Tell the home folks that
I’m happy with someone
That’s true I know
I love a pretty geisha
girl where the ocean breezes blow

I have stood and watched the sun rise from the waters of
the sea
And wondered how much beauty in this whole world can there be
My dreams are all
worth dreaming and it makes my life worthwhile
To see my pretty geisha girl, dressed in oriental

(Repeat chorus)
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