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Artist:Hammet Melanie
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Track:Love Has a Face
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:sometimes i get so tired - sometimes it gets too hard
i don't know what keeps me going and i
whistle in the dark
sometimes it feels like there's work to be done
and i can barely
and there's not enough time and i'm so far behind
and nothing will ever
i'm not backing away, not backing out, not backing down
a fire will burn,
it's coming my way
i've got an ear to the ground
but i'm not backing down
there are days
that pass like hours
there are hours that pass like days
there are lifetimes to be left
behind and i can't seem to walk away
there are days when i'm just killing time and days when it
kills me
and i can't see the end of the endless days
and i don't have the
but inside my heart is a dream - it's a dream that won't let me fall
sometimes a dream is just a dream
and what's real is the clock on the wall
well maybe i'm a
fool with a joker up my sleeve
but i have my dream - i believe what i know
and i know what i
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