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Artist:Hammet Melanie
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Track:Somewhere in the Night
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:matters of the heart never mattered much to me
never really understood what the matter could be
so i tried to think it over, take the matter in hand
but the matter of the matter isn't
one to understand
just when i know i understand love
sure an i know there's a big sky
just when i know i've made sense of it all -
stars fall.
just when i know the
location of clouds
and i believe i'll say three words out loud
just when i know i've made
sense of it all -
stars fall
how can a heart be for certain?
a matter of fact, not of
count on love lasting forever
sure as your count on the weather
just when i
think i'm a fool to let go
i won't fall for you - i won't let my heart show
just when i've
settled the matter once and all -
stars fall
stars fall.
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