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Track:The ratio of freckles to stars
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:But I don't think I can wait
I've been living for this day
I think that if I do or don't

It'll turn out the same way
But I can't seem to pull myself away
And I hope that's
Even just the very thought
Makes me want to stay

This is more than I can
I fear my heart will burst or break
If there's a thing as too much joy,
I will be
taken away
If I wrap you up inside of me,
Kiss your fingers greedily
I will lose track
of the floor
I will lose track of my feet

All that you've conquered
Was already
Walking the night sky
Freckles to the stars
All that you've longed for
painted on my arms
Here, I can take you

But I don't know what to say
All my
language slipped away
I only know that I am yours and
I hope you take the hint

still my sweaty little heart
You are my every waking thought
If there's a thing as too much
I am guilty as I stand
If I dive head first straight into you
The way I've always
wanted to
I can't be held responsible
There's no telling what I'll do
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