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Artist:Hallows Eve
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Track:Hallows Eve (Including Routine)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Hear the voices, see the faces feel the chill of the fog rolling
let me bring you, tales of
terror let me bring you, the macabre tale of
Hallows Eve, let me bring you terror fear grips
your heart as you've ne'r
known Hallows Eve, let me bring you horror shock grips your soul, as

you've ne'r known lay your ear to the floor hear us down below calling to
be released from
your private twilight zone Hallows Eve, the rising of the
dead Hallows Eve, and bedlam will
rule Hallows Eve, turn look past the
shadows our dark carnival is about to begin!
home as you've done
everyday before
up you walk, up to you everyday door pulling out the
key you've known so
long you open the door and everything is wrong before your eyes a paradise

unfolds money trees,
whiskey and wenches to hold turn around to see the
door is gone
forget 'bout the home you've known so long you turn to face
the enigmatic scene it is all so
beautiful yet this is no dream it is all
you ever wanted, don't be naive see the gates
you can't leave such
frustration to be trapped in a cage of fair
wrenching only serves
to enrage they offer you the fruits of all you see you can't have the

goods 'cause you're not free suddenly the trees are burnt and dead the
babbling brook
turns to bloody red the demonic faces of the women turn
only to reveal that now you'll burn
demons of all kind appear their faces
all distort and leer one is wielding quite an axe you are
thrown upon your
back the axe is raised above your head....
"STOP!! it is not yet his time,
but we will have him soon enough..."
The harpies with their webbed wings
laugh away the
Filthy One says that you can't stay the Master syas your -acap
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