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Artist:Halford (Rob Halford)
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Track:Made In Hell
Date Added:18/10/2007
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From memories of '68 when the wizard shook the world
Metal came from
foundries where the midlands sound unfurled
The bullring was a lonely place of concrete towers
and steel
The coal mines and the industries were all I had to feel.

Something inside
took hold of me, I really didn't know
But overtime it came to be, I knew which way to go
drove around in search of what would make this all come true
From jazz and electricity and good
old southern blues

Hell, we're born to raise some hell
Hell, we're gonna raise some

In henry's and in mother's where i'd go to bang my head
The feeling took a hold of
me with every word I said
The voice was born and came alive from all I saw and heard
And now
I knew my destiny, I had to spread the word.

I took the scream around the world
london to L.A.
Unleashed in downtown tokyo
Blew godzilla away

Then on the sound and
fury went from sidney to brazil
It sent the russians crazy cause they never get their

Of hell, we're born to raise some hell
Hell, we're gonna raise some
Hell, we're born to raise some hell
Hell, we're gonna raise some hell

stage and the lights and the amps are ablaze watch them burn
From all this insanity the metal
god's will return.
Shock waves attack relentlessly, intimidating force
So many bands
surrounding you with evil from our source
It screams across the universe and slams you to the
This blitzkrieg psycho mania is coming on full roar
The world's a stage that's waiting
for its bad ass to get kicked
And we're all on the road to hell and that's route

Hell, we're born to raise some hell
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