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Artist:Hal Ketchum
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Track:Some Place Far Away
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Daddy brought home a photograph from the paper yesterday
It showed a line of wagons movin some
place far away
That picture made my daddy smile, it made my momma cry
It seems that Daddy's
wagonload of dreams had long since passed her by

And the dream that makes the
sparrow fly can make an eagle fall
And one that makes the rich man money, it ain't no dream at
It's a cryin shame to wake up just to find it's all been broke in two
Be careful what
you're dreamin cause it someday may come true

He talked on all through suppertime bout the
good prospector's life
Couldn't see Momma didn't wanna be no good prospector's wife
He said,
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