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Artist:Hal Ketchum
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Track:I Miss My Mary
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:A threadbare alibi.....a lifetime full of promise
Fell from my Mary's eyes as she saw the screen
door swing
The baby never woke......he lay cradled in her trembling
He lay safe and never
knowing what my leavin would bring

I draw my pay down on the docks.....I send it off to
I might hold back a dollar to wash this pain out of my back
But the pain keeps getting
clearer and Mary your face just keeps on fading
Now the light shines through this
bottle....memories all fade to black

Well I'll see you out on the street
I'm a lover of a drink, a lover of a fight
Hold my own on the dark side of this
Yes, I'm tough as nails, got a heart of steel
I will never fear, for I will never
And one more round would surely set me right
I miss my Mary tonight

They call
me the old man in this bar, sleeves rolled up and showin
Faint blue souvenirs of love and places
I have been
One says
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