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Artist:Hal Ketchum
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Track:Stay Forever
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Maybe I pray too much, maybe I'm wastin God's time
Livin without your touch, is driving me out
of my mind
If you could only see, how much you matter to me
Maybe you would stay

Maybe I care too much, maybe I'll push you away
Maybe I'd have my doubts, if I
were in your place
And if you could see inside, this achin heart of mine
Maybe you would
stay forever

You don't have to go on livin
With your back against the wall
Let my
lovin arms surround you
I won't let you fall

And if you would trust in me, and this
love of mine
We'll sail an endless sea, under a starry sky
And when the cold wind blows,
we'll hold each other close
Maybe you will stay forever

And when the cold wind blows,
we'll hold each other close
Baby you will stay forever
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