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Artist:Hades Almighty
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Track:Gardens Of Chaos (The Curse Of The Sexless Angel)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Seven signs upon the welkin high
a prophecy of man to die
the irony of the curse was the
fact of the prayer
it was invoked in ignorant despair
a boundless terror blazing rage
the shape of a sexless angel
with the soul of a cosmic tyrant
in control of the infinitive
to create and destroy*
whirlwinds and chaos sweeps the earth
it cracks the soil
and drains the oceans
(the angel) "I deny your human kind
and your nature are
to me you are blind
and now you shall burn in a global Phyre!"
prophecy) "The final of an era
burning rivers running red
beneath black towes erected
piercing the starlit shimmering sky
before a world destruction
a cosmic terror
in the shape of a sexless angel!
winds of mayhem, violent clouds
an undrainable
source of madness
which shreds the soul, betrays the eyes
but what's written shall be
in the garden of chaos
we all shall BURN!
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