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Artist:Hades Almighty
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Track:To Reach Divine Fullfillment
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Free my spirit from the flesh
free my soul from the mediocre state of mortality
I shall
dance with the ravens that circle the sky
between dream and death through eternity
my soul
shall journey through the void of twilight
realms by night with the crow I shall
bringing words to the elders of those
who will live and who will die
I will dance
and feast
among satyrs and shadows of lust and desire
I will rise up high to the midst of
the stars
and blaze through dimensions in the chariot of Mars
I will dine among djinns in
Lucifer's hall
and come as bid when the demon queen calls
.aahhh what pleasure
me from this cage of time and of space
release my soul from the mediocre state
nectar and
poison, mist and bright rays
I know this is my ultimate fate
free my soul, I long to reach
divine fullfillment
free my soul, I long to reach divine fullfillment
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