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Artist:Hades Almighty
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Track:A Ballad Of Death And Obsession
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:She stands at the top of the castlewall
she gazes at the seashore below
half a glass since
the crimson of dusk
but her sombre soul takes no notice of such
in her heart she longs for
the angel of death
she is stalked by the dream of his touch
necromantic witch, such an
innocent heart
yet het past is but a trail of blood and desire
murderess in the most
intimate touch
stiletto death, so that het prince can watch
as she craves for the grasp of
his touch
in love with the spirit of death
she is destined to dance at the tombs of the
in love with the spirit of death
she embraces the darkness and beauty of
death above her, whispering low
a cold and strange tongue she doesn't know
confessions? so soft in her ear
"become my bride my sweetest. Do not fear
obsessed by the
spirit of death
she will never betray her love for the prince of the dead
wild winds, so
strong they blow
off the castlewall she longs to go
body scattered, spirit free
in the
arms of whom she longs to be
lonesouls fly..
even stars must die
yet their
their shimmer will last for lifetimes
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