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Track:End Of The Bargain
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:So tell me what the hell sense does it make
To call yourself alive but to be fake?
friendships full of bull cannot be saved
The true ones are the few, the proud, the

End of the Bargain

I thought we had a deal, a pact, a bond
To be there
for each other and beyond

End of the Bargain

I learned about your talk behind my
Your whole entire realistic act

End of the Bargain

You have to weigh the
good with the bad
Some friendships end and all that's left's sad and I...
I really hope that
you understand
That I don't have the time to waste with your weak plan

Guess I can't
live up to my end of the bargain

I watch the world around me decay
No matter what I
sing or I say or pray
We're lying to each other each day
And I'm out of this false facade
with no delay

Cause I'm not gonna rot with your lot
I can't meet my end of the

Time to end, not to bend
Goodbye friend who intends
To pretend truth can
bend, in the end
I can't meet my end of the bargain
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