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Track:I Too Eye
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Lyrics: Tecchio, Music: Lorenzo

She's dynamite in bed, isn't that what's in your
I see your hungry smile, you make me sicker all the while!
I'm gonna
tell you what it's all about
The truth of the matter is
You're like a roach who sees a scrap
of food
I call it rude, yeah!
Your middle-aged fantasies, hopeless attempts at
So keep your eyes in your head, you know damn well
She ain't winding up in your
Now I must honestly tell
That I have done it as well
You go through
these things in life
But you, I can't understand
I'm just a kid, you're a man
What about
your wife?!
You call yourself adult
You're just adulterous!
(Ed solo)
Can't you...I
too eye
You never will...see eye to eye
See eye too eye
It's too late to...see eye to
You'd go and throw it all away
Just for a lousy lay
Tell me is it
worth all the sweat?
Only to wake up in regret
Or is your conscience simply dead?!
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