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Track:In the Mean Time
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Playing Hitler with defenseless pets
As far as I'm concerned there's no excuse
I wouldn't be
surprised if you were taking bets
On just how much the poor creatures can take of
The prisons are full, spilling over with pigs
Put them to use for all your
Any damn machine can make a license plate
But finding cure for AIDS and cancer is
not as easy
We're living in the mean time
Efficiency is no crime!
Why don't
you get it straight before it's too late!
Relieve those crowded jails, redefine the word
Take those sentenced to life put them under your knife!
There's no better
Kill one bird with one stone, the other leave alone
Stop destroying
animals, this choice is logical
Use humans for your tests, the results will prove best!
I'm sure this proposal must seem quite radical
But all parties concerned will benefit,
you'll learn
That's if we awake in time to correct our...
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