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Artist:Hackett Steve
Taken from the album Guitar Noir by Hackett Steve
Album:Guitar Noir
Track:There Are Many Sides To The Night
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Standing under the lamplight
In one of the nicer parts of hell
Behold this dreamer with
rich red ruby lips
Some pay for the privilege
And some just pay to talk
Because there
are many sides to the night

When Father Thomas lies sleeping
His ever watchful
Divide up the spoils of the day's takings
A woman's work is never ever
She's a child a slave a teacher and a fool
And then she vanishes from sight
no one ever tell you
There are many sides to the night

Standing under the
Selling perfume sweetcorn and lace
She looks beautiful from a distance
it's too dark to see her face
I do it for my child alone
And who would say it's just not
Verily I say unto you
There are many sides to the night
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