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Artist:Hackett Steve
Taken from the album Please Dont Touch by Hackett Steve
Album:Please Dont Touch
Track:On Up The Vicarage
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Body was found at the vicarage quarter past nine.....
....People die from sudden strokes all
the time.....
....Verdict of misadventure mending the roof.....
....The doctors niece,
whilst tending the rosehedge.....
....Stung to death by a swarm of bees.....

wife's cooking is out of this world take a bite".....
....Died from some rare tropical disease
in the night.....
....Dab hand a pharmaceuticals, still no one guessed.....
village vet was drowned in the pigswill
You wonder whose turn will be next

"In the world of sinners all are condemned
My son this gun's loaded"
(A missing
floorboard) then screaming from the belfry

he fell
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