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Artist:Hackett Steve
Taken from the album Guitar Noir by Hackett Steve
Album:Guitar Noir
Track:In The Heart Of The City
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Standard bearers match to the tick of the clock
It's a war against time when you're fronting
the flock
Determined resolute defiant and strong
Noble and Savage know they belong
the heart of the city

The battlefield of love a ruffled feathered bed
From fluid
moist lips the benediction's said
You love them and leave them with yesterday's
Everything's on schedule in the empire that you built
In the heart of the

You close a deal Thursday at 7.45
The train home is empty you're the only man
You throw away your clothes in a house of clouds
The window is sealed the furniture
in shrouds
In the heart of the city
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