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Artist:Hackett Steve
Taken from the album Please Dont Touch by Hackett Steve
Album:Please Dont Touch
Track:Hoping Love Will Last
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Ther are many friends that I once knew
who felt the same special thing that I share with
They've grown apart in different ways
I wonder if someone hears as I start to
Hoping love will last
I'm hoping love will last on and on

Why do I dream
love's labour's lost
I'm just a face with a name that you soon forgot
but when I'm scared
the most, the nightmare ends
then safe and sound I awake in your arms again -
hoping love
will last
Yes I'm hoping love will last on and on

How can I go on alone when your
love is all I've known
Sometimes we stay many miles away
you know you're here every minute
throughout the day
within my thoughts, so take good care
I only wait for the moments we
both can share
hoping love will last
Yes I'm hoping love will last on and on
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