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Artist:Hackett Steve
Taken from the album Extra Tracks by Hackett Steve
Album:Extra Tracks
Track:Hercules Unchained
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:When you move up close to me and run your fingers through my hair
I feel like when you're
positive, I'm more like Hercules unchained
Don't ever try to sleep with me, I might get very
As for beating people up for me, for someone's liable to get paid

Hunt's in
the night, for that you got a love allergy
Hercules unchained

So you wear a part of
me, I feel as though you might be watching
Every psycho fool I'm not sure, ooh you're driving
me insane
Your eyes are black, your hair is smooth, but I can't care enough for you
love is like a sewer main, I wonder if you'll die and we'll get framed

Now easy go, cos
that you got a love allergy
Hercules unchained

Well you tell me that you love me
then you kiss me and you hug me
Then you kick me where it hurts, you know I think this
situation's strained
You tell me I'm your Romeo, you're power-plus and man-of-moment
we'd better move the scene to Superman and Lois Lane

I'm easy go, cos that you got a love
Hercules unchained
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