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Artist:Hackett Steve
Taken from the album Highly Strung by Hackett Steve
Album:Highly Strung
Track:Camino Royale
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Walking along the Camino Royale
The Mississippi sighs
Soft in the night when the wind
starts to rise
And I'm lifted high around the corner
So I spin
Fast as a ride at the
Like a snake that flies through the air
When I cry enough i'm fired from a
And thrown through the doors

Only the fool learns to get

Ahead I see candles floating in pails
Each placed upon a chair
Into a
tent where they turn round the bend
Through a kitchen leading to a staircase
Now I
Seems that I've been led astray
There are no new answers today
This road is
Only the fool learns to get through
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