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Album:Time To Move
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I was sitting at my desk, I was a little depressed,
my nerves laid back, I was busy
messed up in the club with the girlies bt
u I think about, think about, think
about yoooo
and I couldnĀ“t stay alone I couldnĀ“t stay at home
so I thought about it,
talked about it on my microphone,
cause the plight that I have is to make the people
the plight that I have is to make the people move
what you wanna do, what do to
groove what you want,
what you want, what you want - MOVE

Move Ya, Move
Move Ya,

Move I said, move I said, move and go ahead
cause if we drop that beat, you
gotta feel that treat-
ment by the bass, by the drums in your fac
e wanna see your left
hand wanna see your right hand
still u gotta know we are a live bad band
move to the rytm,
move, move to the rhyme,
you can see it, you can feel it, you can hear it in the
step one to the front step two to the back
move I said, move I said, move and go
ahead, Fred!


Gonna make you move
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