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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(featuring Olivia)

[Chorus: Olivia - repeat 2X]
Boy if you want me, then you can have
I want you to want me and love me unconditionally

[Verse 1 - 50 Cent]
You want
me to want you, you want me to need you
You want me beg and stay by my side
You want me to
chase you, you want me to lace you
You want me to just swallow my pride
You want too much
from me
Pretending I'm that nigga you lovingg
Last week it was my man, the week before your
Girl that ring on your finger means nothing
Its just a waste of money, and he was
just a dummy
I know you kiss hI'm and hug him
And tell hI'm that you love him, you
Because I hit the first night and I wasnt even trying
You facinated with the
You know I'm about to blow
Come to see me at my show
Admire how my wrist
You like the way I get the dough
We can go, just to drow
Let your knees hit the
I like it when you do it slow
Aint nobody got to know
We can keep it on the
I don't like niggas in my business, told you that before


[Verse 2
- Young Buck]
You want me to hug you, you want me to love you
You want me to miss you
everytime you gone
You wanna shine, you wanna spend time
Girl this is just a fling thing,
word is bond
You want too much from me
Everyday calling my phone
You found out my benz
sittin on chrome
Wont leave me alone
Catchin feelings cause I'm never at home
should've known not to pick up the phone
Before a nigga got on
You wouldn't take time out to
Then you expect me to take your ass out to eat
I can't lie girl you sure look good in
that mink
Tonight its on you, you gonna buy me a drink
Whatchu think?
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