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Artist:Grateful Dead
Taken from the album Miscellaneous by Grateful Dead
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I can't get no, satisfaction. I can't get no satisfaction.
Cause I try and I try and I try and
I try, I can't get no, I can't get no.

When I'm driving in my car and that man comes on
the radio
And he's telling me more and more about some useless information
Supposed to
fire my imagination
I can't get no, Oh, no, no, no. Hey, hey, hey, that's what I say.
I'm watching my TV and that man comes on to tell me how white my shirts (?)

When I'm
riding 'round the world and I'm doin' this and I'm signin' that
And I'm trying to make some
Who tells me, baby maybe come back later next week
Cause you see I'm on a losing
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