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Artist:Grateful Dead
Taken from the album Miscellaneous by Grateful Dead
Track:Revolutionary Hamstrung Blues
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Halfway past cool on Monday for the sight of her
Rode in town while he built afar with the
riders and then the poor
Hot damn, it's a mother's day, don't you all look
Promenading down long car ocean, yes it's mine and it's sniffing white

They got
poets, shuckers and godzilla's 'round
Mother's sweet little frozen no suit
We got Speed
Racer and his archaic as words Revolutionary Hamstrung

Bringin' all the mares
hide in your cabs, honey now loosen your load
You belong to this has-no-name, what I
remember some chicks from the sciz would come along and sit and squeeze too
Silly says, I say
it once, for you it's cold steel and slow
It's sounds have all ruptured, it sounds just like
Suspect out in the corners, sounding verse and kickin' ass
I felt the city have a
narly, don't make the 6 o'clock news
Speed Racer and the band here playing

As I
recall I went for the window, but I never did get me there
Hit me hard with his hickory stick
was the last thing I saw, met you
Drag me down and tangle, you carry the charges if you
Pray for the day that one yourself, but then figure we'll lick a few

But when I
try to look up, don't want to let me loosen your load
Here alone take this grenade for me, well

The fore runner radiates wild help up far now, gun ships pass so far
Pass me a
vote, silly, and how we did it all over
Did it all over, did it all over the road

got broads, suckers and guys in this jail mother sweet little frozen no suit
We got Speed Racer
and his archaic am words Revolutionary Hamstrung Blues
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