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Artist:Grateful Dead
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Album:Go To Heaven
Track:Feel Like A Stranger
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Inside you're burnin' I can see clear through
Your eyes tell more than you mean them
Lit up and flashin' like the reds and blues
Out there on the neon avenue
Well I,
feel like a stranger (feel like a stranger)

Well the music's thunderin', restless and
You keep firin' me glances across the room
And I can't stop wonderin' just what you
Get the feeling I'm going to find out real soon
But I feel like a stranger (feel like
a stranger)
So let's get on with the show, let's go

Yes, and the wheels it's smokin
'round midnight
You show me a look that says "Let's go"
Yes, and it feels about like
running a red light
Now there ain't no point in looking behind us, no!
Still I feel like a
stranger (feel like a stranger)
You know It's gonna get stranger, let's get on with the

If this were love now how would I know? How would I know?
Feel like a
Gonna be a long, long, crazy, crazy night
Silky, silky, crazy, crazy night
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