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Artist:Grateful Dead
Taken from the album Miscellaneous by Grateful Dead
Track:Cats Under the Stars
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Cats on the blacktop, birdie in the treetop,
Someone plays guitar that sounds like
I ain't ready to go to bed,
I think I'll take a walk downtown

Cats on the bandstand, Give'em each a big hand,
Anyone who sweats like that
must be all right.
No one wants to fight; no blackeye,
Just another cat beneath the stars

Cats in the limelight, feels like it's alright,
Everybody wants something
they might not get.
I ain' ready yet, it ain't complete,
That's why I am headin' down to
Alleycat Street.

Satin blouse unbuttoning, satin blouse unbuttoning,
Time is a
stripper's doin', it's just for you.
Time is a stripper's doin', it's just for

Knock in the brass tacks, cover up your tracks Jack,
You ain't nowhere till you
can pay your own way back.
What else do you lack to make it right,
But cats down under the
stars tonight
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