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Artist:Grateful Dead
Taken from the album Blues for Allah by Grateful Dead
Album:Blues for Allah
Track:Blues For Allah
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Arabian wind, The needle's eye is thin, The ships of state sail on mirage,
And drown in sand,
Out in no-man's land where Allah does command.

What good is spilling blood? It will not
grow a thing;
Taste eternity the swords sing: Blues of Allah In 'sh'Allah.

lie where they fall, There's nothing more to say,
The desert stars are bright tonight lets meet
as friends,
The Flower of Islam, The Fruit of Abraham.

The thousand stories have
come round to one again,
Arabian night, Our Gods pursue their fight,
What fatal flowers of
darkness bloom from seeds of light.

Bird of paradise fly in white sky, Blues for Allah In
Let's see with our heart, These things our eyes have seen,
And know the truth
must still lie somewhere in between.

Under eternity, under eternity, under eternity
Bird of paradise fly in white sky, Blues for Allah In 'sh'Allah
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