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Artist:G.P. Wu
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Track:Two Gats Up
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Forty individuals
Keep it on the low? Keep it on the low, aiiight
Yo, yo, yo, uh, uh, uh,
word up

Yo with your departure let's start the execution
Seems like
everybody rappin's robbin and shootin
Talkin real cheap
I got a record deal just to get away
from the streets
Niggas stuck up shit's creek with no way to escape
When we bombard niggas
get stomped hard like wine grapes
What the fuck you thought, G.P. connects when
Majority of
these rap cats don't even get a grin
Never paid dues, actin like they vets on my set
they get a reality check, niggas still wet
Behind the ears in this rap shit
Get blown off
the face of the Earth by the G.P. click

[Down Low Recka]
Whoever wrote the book on hip
hop we revised it
Now adapt to the Shaolin chapter
The non-fiction, number one
Project award winner (Two gats up)
Yeah, it's obvious you the sloppiest
Got a
glass forehead so you're bad when you copy this
You could say we live for the winter
no shorts taken, veterans, no beginners
Constant winner, a born sinner
Make you think your
style is thinner
You're too pary to carry
A microphone across stage knowin that I'm on the
other side
Ready to conquer and divide
Holdin mine comes natural
Formin rhymes outta
thoughts with smoke and nails
A real nigga never tells
Real niggas know that fake niggas
Get bugged, don't blow, perishable MCs got blinders on
Leadin themselves into the
It's the power of God, PG, Parental Guidance
G.P., unmistakably the

[June Luva]
Non-commercial, universal, hip hop assassinator
Track killer,
premeditated murder
May the force be with you
When you go up against this r
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