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Track:Til the Day I Die
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:You walked into the room
The sun hit my eyes
The force you struck me down caught me by
You sprung the mojo and it worked like a charm
I felt invincible with you in my

I must confess it can feel good to feel pain
Like breaking waves or getting
caught in the rain
Playing those games cause we had nothing to do
I was oblivious I was
losing to you

Oh I will love you to the day that I die

Holy Jesus
Holy rock
'n roll
The more I gave to you the more you grew bored
And making love became the waging
of war
No peace
No tenderness
No fun anymore

I dream that I called out your
You turned your face to me and started to say
Something so beautiful it hurt deep
So I will love you till the day that I die
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