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Artist:Ganksta NIP
Taken from the album Interview With A Killa by Ganksta NIP
Album:Interview With A Killa
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Psych Daddy can me and my three friends come and play with you
Oh yeah
you and your three friends can come play with me
tonight and you and your three friends can
come pay with
tonight you know what I'm sayin?
Big Syke you know what I'm talkin
Erotic exotic and a little.....psychotic.
[Verse 1]
Picture a room
where a con lives it's dark inside
Newspaper clippins on the wall from vics that died

Blood everywhere, you can tell the psycho went through
He had darts in their faces up
to number fifty two
Psycho Uh, stalkin niggas, butcher knives stays handy
He would
sit inside the park, and laugh and give kids candy
They say he was weird, but the bodies he
He always scratched off the names of the people he killed
Real slow, Pysch
torture style, pass me the scissors
And cut off microscopic pieces like a mirror

Terror screams, let me know the spinal was crumbled
By the gestures they made and the words
that they mumbled
Maybe I can slice a throat when I'm ready
It takes practice,
training to keep a nail gun steady
You should yell when it clicks, cuz blood finna seep

And bring a hundred thousand mourners and children to weep
[Chorus] X 8

Erotic and exotic
And a little psychotic
[Verse 2]
Graveyards in my
slaughter house (.?.)
Mutilation and bacteria to straight cats (?)
You can bet that
yours is full of healthy humans and mice
Kinda lookin like a fleshy big pot fulla rice

Twenty people dead, strangled, uh that's my hobby
When I die you think I'm dead, but
I really switched bodies
I'm standing there, watchin, they put him in the ground

Blow a sweet when it's over, I'll go kill downtown
Cops don't understand, they thought he
was bluffin
They say the officer went crazy when he murdered a dozen
Other cops and
didn't (?) cuz life ain't fair
They put his body in the chair, but his mind wasn't there

Soul snatcher, got cha, hit him with a heavy right
Hold him, hug him, hit him with a
heavy pipe
Burn him, scorch him, you can bet the people saw it
Leave him there for
thirty minutes, you'll see the birds (?)
[Chorus] X 8
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