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Artist:Game Theory
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Track:I Mean It This Time
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Jody were you always sure things had gone as they should go?
Does the world come on with a
handshake and hello?
I don't lose a lot of sleep, and I'm not sure what this means
But at
some point I stopped remembering last night's dreams
And there's a lot to throw away
As in
Soviet Russia failing to watch the things you say
Give me all the gin I need 'cause I may not
feel this strong
When I phone my parents and tell them they've been wrong
Please don't ask
what will I do
I can't live it this way, Jody I think I'm not like you
I've seen enough to
find no news to change my mind
And I'll drop out, I mean it this time
Am I standing on my
rights to demand to be so free?
Is it common knowledge the joke will be on me?
Cars won't
stop for me, I know, when the light for them is green
They'll ask questions later about what
light I thought I'd seen
Is it right to feel so used?
I once planned ahead longer than when
the rent was due
I've seen enough to find no news to change my mind
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