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Artist:Game Theory
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Track:Waltz The Halls Always
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I think I saw the movie where you learned that you can't be nice
You write the boys in your home
town and sing yourself "Edelweiss"
How much did you give up that it should make me this guilty
Don't you tell a soul that you would be off on larger lives
But I've clamped you
Waltz the halls always, need what you need
There's more out there than we both
It's what it should be even though it's not what it seems
Nobody knows what it
Spare me the sincerity, I can't use what I can't see
When all your foreign words
translate in English to "misery"
You think you've forced a tough decision, I don't think that's
the case
Maybe we'll both find just what we need
But we're searching at entirely different
So waltz the halls
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