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Artist:Game Theory
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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:And for whatever reason I wish that I had two minds
Opposite signs, parallel lines, wide point
and fine
I hate admitting when you're right and I want you in plain sight
Isn't it odd? We
think a lot alike tonight
And everyone asks if I'm leaving, no sir
I get around but I don't
get closer
Is it because I'm 23, not 24?
And in a way I don't mind watching it get
Stand where it shines, I can inspire myself just fine
I'm in the sweetest way misled,
growing my hair in bed
Coffee or beer--These are a year's component thread
And everything is
in terms of next time
Twenty-five thousand more miles to the dateline
Is it because I'm 24,
not 25?
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